Auto Scents Air Fresheners (60 Ct)

Long Lasting Scented Pads

Auto Scents



Auto Scents Air Fresheners (60 Ct)

Scent your ride with one of 31 different aromatic flavors. Fresh from Auto Scents these pads are heavily scented for long-lasting results.  They ship out to you ready to go in this convenient 60 pack and are wrapped in air-tight bags so they always are ready to perform and smell great. To use simple place 1 auto scent pad under the seat, in a cup holder, or door compartment and let it do the rest!

With your Auto Scents you can recapture that new car smell or drive and dream to the scent of your favorite Caribbean island with tropical breezes and the wafting of fresh bananas! Also available in 300 count lots by special order.

Need to deodorizer a larger area? Please check out our line of Resultz air fresheners.

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