Dub-ble Bub-ble Super Concentration Auto Soap

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Dub-ble Bub-ble Super Concentration Auto Soap

As a Super Concentration Auto Soap Dub-Ble Bub-Ble is amazingly magnificent, when it comes to the plentiful, yet balanced foam. Hutton’s has managed to create a formula that effectively removes grime and dirt off all surfaces, while maintaining a safe and bio-degradable auto soap product. Incomparable dilution rates for Hutton’s Dub-ble Bub-ble auto soap are unbelievable at 400:1 and the classic bubble gum fragrance will take you back!

To use, simply add 1 ounce of product and into a wash pail, then add  3.8 gallons of hot or cold water allowing the soap to foam up. Always use a microfiber wash mitt or a soft bristled wash brush to wash your vehicle to avoid scratching/damaging the paint.

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1L 165-H807001
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