Exxpress Foam 2.0



Exxpress Foam 2.0

Exxpress Foam 2.0 Aerosol Interior Shampoo 524g is a great new aerosol carpet cleaner that uses the power of enzymes to break through even the toughest stains. Even tough items like blood, vomit, milk & fruit juices are no match for the enzyme power of this unique product. Use on carpets, seats, headliner and any other stained upholstery.

For best results always vacuum affected area before applying product directly to stained area, allow time for the product break down surface contaminates, scrub with a stiff carpet brush and re-vacuum area.

Product Code: 165-H213524

Body Shop Safe:YES

Use: Spray/Brush/ Vacuum

SKU: 165-H213524

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