Exxtreme Assault – Cleaner Degreaser

Exxtreme Assault 4L

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Exxtreme Assault – Cleaner Degreaser

Exxtreme Assault – Cleaner Degreaser┬áis truly a versatile all in one multi purpose cleaning product that has a pleasant clean lemon scent. Our product is very user friendly unlike other products currently on the market . When using Exxtreme Assault, simply alter the dilution rate of the product depending on your specific cleaning needs. Now watch as it becomes a muscled water based engine degreaser, white wall tire cleaner, vinyl top cleaner, leather, plastic and vinyl cleaner.

Exxtreme Assault – Cleaner & Degreaser is such a popular product that once our customers have used it once, they never want to use anything else!

Used by automotive shops, dealerships and others in the transportation industry. Our product can be used many other ways: a concreted floor cleaner, a hoist degreaser, or a tool cleaner to name a few. Exxtreme Assault will improve the cleanliness and overall safety within any shop setting.

Exxtreme Assault – Cleaner Degreaser is also very effective cleaner with removal of a wide variety of oil, grease, fat, rust stains, carbon and dirt. Exxtreme Assault will tackle all of your interior and exterior automotive and shop cleaning needs!

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1L 165-H330001-RTU
4L 165-H330004-RTU
Body Shop Safe: Yes

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