Odour Exxterminator Odour Eliminator

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Odour Exxterminator Odour Eliminator

Odour Exxterminator Odour Eliminator is a highly effective deodorizer which eliminates foul smells at the source. It fills the air with a mild fresh smell, leaving no residue or stains when used as directed. This specially designed product is a must in enclosed areas and being non-flammable, makes it safer to use.

Cherry 1L 165-H561001
Cherry 4L 165-H561004
Lemon 1L 165-H566001
Lemon 4L 165-H566004
Green Apple 1L 165-H562001
Green Apple 4L 165-H562004
Cinnamon 1L 165-H565001
Cinnamon 4L 165-H565004
Pina Colada 1L 165-H567001
Pina Colada 4L 165-H567004

Body Shop Safe:YES
Use: Spray

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